Martha Heart
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The start of it all


Gray Wolf







Martha, 13 year old grey wolf. She's best friends with belle and she really likes her too. Martha can be really nice, but never backs down when her friends are in trouble. Her favorite food is steak, and has no pets. Her mom is divorced, and her sister chose to live with her dad.


Martha is a normal wolf, who wasn't born with powers like her friends. Albiet, she is very strong, being able to lift 200 pounds. She has many talents such as Acting, running track and she's an artist. She's been known to be trustworthy in some occasions. (Such as keeping Amanda's secret) She's really superstitious like Belle, and can be she can be really stubborn sometimes. She never really used to believe in vampires until she met Amanda.


  • Martha has lower grades. A few A's, but mostly B's and C 's.
  • She's the main character of the series
  • She lives with her mom, who took all the money they earned as a family.
  • She comes from a rich family.
  • She's semi-scared of vampires, because Amanda likes to prank her a lot.
  • Sometimes people can't take her seriously.


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