Belle Wonder
Best Friends
Belle (Left) Amanda (Right)









Belle is one of the main charaters in the series. She's shy, timid, and can real pick a bone when her friends are in trouble. She comes from another planet far away from earth, and has been living on earth for over 5 years. Martha was the first to meet her and they instantly became friends. She studies magic and can perform spells with ease. Even though Amanda bit her, she's not a vampire.


Belle has been seen using a varity of different types of powers. She can use telekinisis to make objects float in the air, she can use the move psychic to crush, or damage objects that get in her way. She's strong, but not as strong as martha. Her to tails represent her to most special skills, caring and sharing. She's scared of a lot of things, ecspecially vampires. When she first met Amanda, she had a hard time getting used to her. But Amanda soon then bit her, and found out the true story behind vampires.


  • Belle is a straight A student
  • People have called her cute!
  • She can levitate using psychic powers. 
  • She has a secret fear of vampires.
  • She has two tails because she's an alien
  • She loves to care for animals.


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